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To Wed Or Not To Wed – The Wedding Trauma!!

So a wedding marks the first day of the rest of your married life… And thus it makes this day even more important for all of us. You want to look your best, you need to achieve perfection and even more so the Aunty Jee’s and Amma Jee’s aren’t helping at all with their curt remarks and meaningful nods.

“We put too much pressure on brides these days… A woman doesn’t has to look her utter BEST on her wedding day…” That grey haired Aunty speaks up while eyeing you up and down and your heart mutters to yourself. “Jeez! Thanks dear for the thumbs up.”

Lehengas, Chooridars, Mehendi, Jewellery, Sehra Bandi…. I literally feel at a loss for words when it comes to weddings and yet my married cousins and sister know exactly what to say at a particular moment during wedding. ARRGGHH!!! One downside of weddings, for me at least!!!

But lets get to the clothes part, the perfect wedding dress!!! Ahh… Now we’re talking about what interests me. I wish there was a wand we could just wave and get the perfect wedding dress without the need for surfing the web or tearing up the bazaars… But apparently there ain’t no such way. For me? I have found out the perfect one for myself, ummm make it ‘Many.’ 🙂 So what is your Perfect Dream Wedding Dress?

My Favorite Wedding DressRed Lehenga With Blue LiningIman Ali Wearing HSY Lehenga

Bride In Red Walking The Catwalk


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