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The Funniest Videos Ever On Youtube :D

I find the night time to be the best time for laughter 😀 Not that I am restricted to LOL, I just happen to pass by the most ridiculous yet funny videos on Youtube only at night somehow. Tonight however this is not the case… I was looking for new topics for posts on my blog and got advice from my bro, Ali, to do some blog on some LOLziyaan 😀 So I compiled this hysterically funny list of the Funniest Videos You’ll Ever Find On Youtube…. I don’t wanna talk about them and ruin your fun or LOLs. So here goes.

#1. News Anchors Get Their “Balls Screwed Up” – True Story:

#2. Cheap Things Desi Boyses Say With Action:

#3. Still Wishing All Our Grannies Were Cool Like This Video? LOL:

#4. Dennis Quaid Had Some Hidden Camera Fun At Ellen’s – Hilarious!!

#5. I Have Never Felt Like This After The Dentist‘s..Have You?

#6. The Funniest Of All – Ellen Featured In “The Bachelor“… MUST WATCH!!!

So here it is…I made it. The Funniest LOLs you will ever find on Youtube!!! 😀

Keep Laughing


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