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Eid Mubarik To Everyone!!!

"Eid Mubarak"

For most of you the Eid might already have passed but for me, here in Pakistan, it is today. I hope this Eid is a blessed one for all of us and may God keep the peace and happiness of Ramadan with us throughout the year and beyond. So how was Ramadan for all of you guys n’ gals? For me, it was quite happening, as in painful. I got a severe stomach infection and landed in the hospital. I had to miss half my fasts and I am hoping to meet my fasts this year. Apart from my own personal experiences, I only have 1 important thing to say to my readers from all over the world.

No matter which religion, color, caste or nationality you belong to… No matter what your faith makes you believe… No matter what societal, physical or psychological differences exist between all of us, we all are ONE because we all were made human beings with a soul. You cannot deny your own creation and our Creator is One, no matter who or what we believe in. May Lord bring bounties to the righteous ones and straight path to those who have strayed from it. I am not the perfect person, but perfection is not possible, hard work is. May we all have the courage to bear the bad, speak against the bad and handle the truth when it comes our way. Amen!!!

A very peaceful, blessed Eid greeting to you all!!!!


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