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Making Handmade Bangles At Home – DIY

First of all Eid Greetings to all my readers!!!

Hope you are having a blast generating Eidi (Eid Pocket Money), I am!!! 😀 So it has been around 3 LONG MONTHS that I have been sitting at home doing literally NOTHING!! I don’t know if it happens with you guys but my creative streak is really turned on during summer holidays. I randomly do and plan stuff I normally wouldn’t…like painting (yup, seriously) or making various handmade objects and so on and so forth!!!

Handmade Gift Ideas

This SUMMER SPECIAL were Handmade Bangles!!! I like designing my own clothes so I usually have a treasure of a lot of cut up cloth pieces from the sewers or old expensive clothes. This summer, instead of throwing them away I just had this Totally Random idea of letting my creative juices flow and making some colorful, Blingy bangles at home while I’m still free. (University starts in a week and then I won’t even have time for a breather).

handmade colorful bangles

So anyways I wanted to share them with all of you. My readers mean a lot to me 🙂 You can join in on this fun activity too if you are currently acting as a HOUSE SLOB, like me. I had some twinkling ribbons, cut up cloth pieces in various colors of pink, blue, black, green and yellow…you collect your’s from your own treasure box. (P.S. Word of advice!!! Try to keep your unwanted jewelry, fake jewels or lace pieces for future DIY activities. They come in real handy…for making gifts and other such items).


1. Old Bangles

2. Laces, Cloth Pieces, Colorful Scarves…whatever dispensable item you can find!!

3. A small UHU Glue Tube.

4. Scissors

5. A mat (to keep from littering on floor)


STEP#1: Got ’em all? Now I am making 3 pairs of 3 bangles each, you can put together color combos of your choice and cut up 2″ inches wide strips of each cloth, 3 of each, but you can cut them according to your own combos as well. I have a pair of bangles with only 2 types of cloth strips and another with only 1 broad lace piece. So you should also let your creative juices flow at random while making them.

Spare Bangle

STEP#2: If you have a big bangle, like above, then that is great. Apparently I hadn’t any spare left so I glued together 2 smaller ones for 1 wider bangle. It’s quite simple. Look at following pictures to see how to make one for yourself.

Me Holding 2 Bangles

2 Bangles Glued Together

STEP#3: Now, when you have your bangles ready, glue one end of your desired cloth strip or lace on the bangle bottom and start rolling it around the bangle carefully. Make sure to leave space in between each roll for the rest of the strips (the space should be according to the number of strips you’ll be placing).

Gluing Fabric On Bangles

STEP#4: Repeat Step 3 with the other strips or laces until the whole of the bangle is covered up. Make sure you glue up the ends and starts of the strips to the BOTTOM of the bangle for a neat look. Now you will have one like this….

A Complete Handmade Bangle

Step#5: Start over with all of the above steps twice to make similar bangles and you will have a pair of 3 similar bangles. Then keep repeating the above steps for 2 more sets of 3 bangles each, or according to your choice.

My Handmade Bangles

Voila!!! You will have your complete set of bangles in maximum 3 hours. You can divide the time everyday so as not to get tired of your creativity. If you have been lazy all month like me, you will definitely get satisfaction with this task. I am getting even more so as I have decided to make these Handmade Bangles The Perfect Eid Gift’ for my mom, sister and friend!!! Just ribbon ’em up or wrap ’em in crepe paper…whatever you like, and give a personalized item to your loved ones who would appreciate the Hard Work & Effort you put in ESPECIALLY FOR THEM!!!

Spread The Love Around You…



7 thoughts on “Making Handmade Bangles At Home – DIY

    1. Wow..ur blog is really great. I am a fresh blogger and I love fashion ideas. And you have some really great one!! Anytime.

    1. Thanks Prerna…definitely you’re gonna be much better at it then I am 🙂 It was my 1st time showcasing my creativity like this. Thanks for liking em.

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