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My Best Frnd’s “Jav-Inspired” Homemade Bangles :D

Remember when I helped you all in MAKING HANDMADE BANGLES AT HOME – DIY and some really Cute ones?!! Well some of you REALLY liked it and some of you even tried your hands in making them.

First of all, I want to thank Miri<3sFashion and vivalahighstreet for liking my DIY blog…these girls have some exceptional stuff of their own that you should definitely visit and check out.

Miri has some REALLY cool fashion ideas for your wardrobe at her blog Long Sleeved Dresses

From the Fashion High street, m’lady Vivalahighstreet has some really exceptional stuff on Trend Alert

If you are a sucker for fashion and all things DIY, do check out their blogs for some extraordinary content…Now coming back to my blog in question (: So I have a school-cum-childhood friend, Wajiha (a.k.a. Wijo)…and apparently my DIY blog really inspired her 😀 Ha Ha…

But apparently she is more creative than me (& also her camera is much better than mine :P) as her creations turned out to be much better than mine…See for yourself (below)

P.S. WIJO…GOOD JOB!! 😉 I ❤ ’em. I hope I get a few..  😛


6 thoughts on “My Best Frnd’s “Jav-Inspired” Homemade Bangles :D

  1. I think this is a powerfull site with a lot interesting blogposts about this stuff. And i just wanna thank you for this. I’ll follow your blog to see if you post more stuff like these!

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