“Fa Inna Ma-al ‘Usri Yusra” (Surat Insyirah 5-6)

Fa Inna Ma-al ‘usri yusra

“Verily, along with every hardship is ease.”

The night is darkest just before the dawn… It gets worse before it gets better… All good has a bad side… Fear of the night is only felt when there has been eternal sunshine throughout… You read and listen to these classic excerpts all your life. From your grandma, in a book, from your dad, from an old aunt you never really cared about at the time. You are supposed to learn from it so that you are prepared for the worst. But what happens when the worst falls upon us all even with all this knowledge? It comes hurtling down out of nowhere, scars where it hurts us the most and turns us blind towards all the good that we knew. Ignorance is NOT bliss… not knowing pain at all is not the SOLUTION. Keeping yourself and your children sheltered from all the bad in the world is not the RIGHT THING to do. Abandoning everything in fear of committing sin is not the PATH TO HEAVEN. In fact, the solution, the right path and the path to heaven is the extreme opposite of what you were told. Don’t trust what you were told. Because only when you know pain you will know true worth of the happiness around you… Delving into the bad world and coming out scarred will make you realize what you did wrong and make you a better person, it will teach you to easily differentiate between good and bad. And only when you commit a sin you will reach God in the most subdued, sorrowful and weakest form to find strength and love through Him, sins make you find God like a non-Muslim finds Islam. The most purest form of faith! Where you are naked in front of God because either you were dealt a wrong hand by fate or you did injustice in someone’s life. Feeling the loss, setting yourself astray, burrowing under hardship, living the lies…this all make you realize the true worth of those around you, the worth of relief, the worth of getting Heaven and the worth of always standing by the truth. Be alone, commit a sin, leave everything, go through a life changing loss, do something unplanned and then when you lick your wounds silently afterwards, you will not be alone. ALLAH will be there. Relief will find you. And you will feel as if the whole world conspired to get you through to Him. Living the dream is easy…re-making a broken dream is even powerful stuff. Try it.


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