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Kelly Clarkson’s Journey from ‘Because of You’ to ‘Piece by Piece’


The journey of Kelly Clarkson started when she won the first ever American Idol Season and took the world by storm with her strong and haunting voice. The unique strength of her voice has put Kelly in the league of extraordinary and legendary singers like Whitney Houston and Beyonce. Her resonating and melodious tunes have given her titles of being the #OriginalAmericanIdol. And she really is! Even Simon Cowell had something nice to say about the multi-platinum and Grammy award winning songstress “She’s not a girl who got lucky in a talent competition; we got lucky to find her.”

And yes we all did get lucky to find Kelly. Her fans adore her. Unlike many concerts, where the buzz is created through marketing gimmicks, dancing half-nude girls, flirty boy bands and screams from the singer himself/herself, Kelly Clarkson stands apart among them all like a shining star. Youtube her performances and you shall see only a screaming crowd, great music and of course the sensational high belt of Kelly that makes the heart jump to every beat. No running around on stage…only thoughtful, heartfelt dialogues from Kelly and her voice (oh and an occasional song cover through fan requests).

Kelly Clarkson has come a long way not only professionally but also personally. And this is the subtlety and beauty of this one singer. The depth of her voice has been rendered due to her real life incidents which she holds very close to herself while writing her own songs. She rose to renewed fame with ‘Because of You’ wherein she showed off her powerful voice. In an interview, Kelly Clarkson shared regarding its music video that it was the depiction of her real life. This was the first time she became vulnerable about herself and shared her ‘daddy issues’ with the world. There is a moment in the music video where she actually cries out of pain while saying ‘Because of you.’

Since then, KC has become quite verbal about her father’s abandonment when she was a child. The music video is about a little girl physically abandoned by her father and emotionally by her mother as she learns to ‘live on the safe side.’ You can watch the full video below:

For many of her fans, this song has moved them to tears and been a moral support of understanding as well. These lyrics became the theme song for many broken homes and hearts.

“I received a lot of fan mail regarding this topic, and I thought maybe God had me write the song in hope that children who were dealing with the issue of divorce could relate to it; and, that the song could possibly help them like it helped me. I discussed releasing the song with my family and, although the song covers a painful territory, they also thought the song was better to be out -possibly helping people, than stuck in some notebook.”

For Kelly, the journey was not even close to ending. From 16 year old, when she penned ‘Because of You’ because of her father and vowed to never marry (maybe). She has gotten married and is about to be a mother of her second child after her cutie little daughter, River Rose. She announced her second pregnancy in a very emotional moment on stage during concert. She said,”I had no parental unit at all. Its hard to set the bar for yourself in a relationship, what to expect when you weren’t shown anything at all….I married such a great lover, partner and daddy for my little girl. And I thought I should write a song for such girls who don’t know what to expect and where set the bar in a relationship.”

And these were the inspiration behind “Piece by Piece.” The words of these song are not just a message to her father but also a promise for her daughter, River Rose as well. Who is featured in her latest music video of “Piece by Piece” as well. The cutest kiss shared between the two with the most squishy smile by River.

Music is definitely liberating for Kelly Clarkson and her music has become an anthem for change and liberation for many young girls and boys around the globe. Kelly put it best about her journey when she recently shared her sentiments about it in the most eloquent manner.

“I like to think of “Piece By Piece” as the happy ending to “Because Of You.” It’s not the happiest story in the beginning, but it’s a real one that I decided to write after a conversation with my sister. So many of us had to grow up without parents to model a healthy relationship for us, so we often get into dysfunctional relationships because it is what is familiar. We end up settling instead of being with someone who is worthy of our hearts and our time. We all deserve to feel worthy of love. We all deserve to be truly loved. This song is basically my past, present, and future. It’s my love letter celebrating and thanking my husband for being a man that knows how to love me and our children without expecting anything in return. Also, this is a promise to my kids that I will never cease to love them, and be present in their lives always.”

You can also listen to and download both hits through following links:

Kelly Clarkson – Because of You.mp3

Kelly Clarkson – Piece by Piece.mp3


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