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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!

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Mamma Mia! That’s what happens when you bring together ABBA’s Music and and the acting genius of Meryl Streep. If you do not know the music of ABBA (like me), this musical is a great start to familiarize yourself with it. Mamma Mia puts a coming-of-age twist to it with the movie plot while retaining the original thrill of ABBA hits like Super Trouper, Money Money and SOS. Just forget my rant and simply go grab a DVD (or watch online like me) and become a part of the ABBA-streep-musical love triangle.

Trust me, I did not know about ABBA or their songs before this movie. It was only till I watched it the second time with my husband that I realized how catchy the tunes are. Thanks to my husband for that who apparently knows ABBA’s numbers by heart. (Awesome alert!) Now I am a big fan as well. So much so I am planning to give each song its due by assigning them a blog a piece. Seriously! You need to hear them on repeat, learn the lyrics by heart and know my views on each tune whether you like it or not. 😀

These are the tunes I am cooking to nowadays. I have personally been a fan of Ms. Streep since I saw Devil Wears Prada and Julie & Julia. Add ABBA to her repertoire and she becomes flawless!

I want to share some of my favorite moments from the movie and then lets call it a day.

1. Amanda Seyfried and her honey voice in “Honey, Honey”:

Honey, Honey Nearly Killed Me!

She is beautiful looking, she has a beautiful voice, the song is beautiful and so is the scenery! Honey, Honey is one of my favorite songs of this movie and I would do my THING with it. Dot. Dot. Dot.

2. Introducing Donna & the Dynamos! The World’s First Power Girl Band!

Donna and the Dynamos!

This scene is by far the best depiction of why I love Meryl Streep in this movie. She is usually the epitome of sophistication in her movies but in this one she could not be more carefree. Her larger than life funny gestures got me every time I watched it and this gif is the perfect example. Introducing Rosie, Tanya and Donna…the 3 dynamos!

3. The Meryl Streep & Co. Group Dance:

Dancing Queen Climax Scene is Epic

This is by far the best scene of the whole musical. We move on to happier grounds with this group rendition of “Dancing Queen.” Meryl Streep brings along the whole flock of women from her town to show us the real female power in this one. But oh that last climax at the bay shot in Greece is breathtaking! That was one manic dance scene that you will rewind and watch again and again (like me). If this hasn’t made you go watch the movie yet…I don’t know what will… Words are just not enough to describe the empowering feeling when you watch this scene. Ok. Ok. I am over selling it (if there was such a thing). Anyways.

4. The Winner DID Take it All!

Winner Took It All!

This is the song I wished I had known in my teenage. Its the most beautiful tune in this whole movie, building step by step into a power ballad for that one that got away. Let me not talk more about it because this one definitely deserves a blog of it own. Coming to the oh-so-sexy Meryl and Brosnan part of it… Streep provided us with her most powerful performance yet in this scene. I guess so because standing on top of a chilly mountain exuding so much emotions without much help from your co-actor must be extremely difficult. The lyrics, the emotions, the moment…Extremely Powerful! Letting go of a man you love with bitterness is really a tough task to conquer.


So to wrap it all up..GO WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW…Oh and its clean from all the nudity etc. but the sexual innuendo is quite strong so you watch out for your kiddo’s sake. 😉 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this movie to all. Please share your review in the comments section once you are done watching it several times. 

Till the next blog.



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  1. Thank you so much for your support. It definitely means a lot to me. And I will write more often Insha ALLAH. Thank you again and keep reading. Bless you!

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