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Feels Like A Thousand Years Together – Dedicated to my spouse


“Your partner is your mirror. Carl Jung said that you marry your unconscious mind. That means what is repressed in you, is often expressed in your partner… Love will draw you deep, and this is a good thing even though, at times, you’ll claw the air for a breath. The key is to stay aware of the feelings, experiences and cycles in which we find ourselves.” (Mindie Kniss)

This is exactly what love is. Its what makes you aware of yourself, transforming you into your most vulnerable self stripping you down to your very core giving you the option to build yourself up to newer heights. Those could be places you never knew you wanted to be in or those can be your repressed self you have forgotten for so long. Its the latter for me so far…with you. You’re the person I unknowingly wanted for all my life and now you’re the one I can’t stand to lose ever. This one’s for you.

Being wedded was a difficult transformation in this ever judgmental society, it was also the most empowering thing that ever happened to me (apart from my father). It was new. It was different. It was perfect. They say that the right life partner brings out the best in you. You have brought out in me that which I never knew I was even capable of. I am the strongest woman on this planet able to voice myself, able to express myself, able to love myself without the fear of falling. Marriage is being an even better version of yourself. You do all that for me…and more!

I was a strong and independent woman before I met you…I am a strong and independent woman even now with a man who cherishes me, supports me, understands me, who does not let me falter, who despite being a man’s man becomes my emotional reminder, my girlfriend when needed, who takes care of the stove while I write my thoughts, who can take care of the grocery trolley while I shop, who can clean the dishes on a stressful day of work for me. I don’t JUST feel like a wife or JUST a homemaker or JUST a friend with you…I feel all that and then some. I feel like THE WOMAN (Yes, thats a Sherlock reference). 🙂

Thank you for working so hard day in and day out for our home, for putting our lives above everything else. Even above your own needs sometimes. Most of all, thank you for letting me find my passion for writing again. (I wrote this in like 10 minutes. I know! Tears of joy!) THANK YOU! I am blessed (Masha ALLAH) and I pray for every woman to be blessed like me. Amen.

This year did not go by fast at all because it feels like I have spent a hundred years with you and I look forward to the million more together insha ALLAH.

On last year, this day, it was like coming up for fresh air with you. Happy First Anniversary dear. And to all those couples spending their anniversaries with us on this day as well. This is for all the supportive, strong men in our lives.


His wife.


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