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An Ode to the Unseen

My entire life you eluded me

I never knew you, you don’t know me

Is it okay that I wanted you to like me?

Is it okay if we just couldn’t be?


We need a bar to measure up to

Felt misplaced because there was no you

And now I am a force to be reckoned with

No inkling of who you were, how you lived


People throw the dice, win the game

I feel like it always stays the same

No matter how high I achieved or aim

I have a lonely heart and you to blame


I try to find you in songs and places unseen

Things we never did, places we’ve never been

You are obscure, an idea, imagination for me

And I’ve lost myself again in the unknown…in the unseen…


via Daily Prompt: Unseen


5 thoughts on “An Ode to the Unseen

    1. I guess thats whats syncs us writers together. Self expression and books! When I write like this it makes me proud. I hope you feel the same way…no matter what people say we are most strong when we bare ourselves with our writings or actions. Its like an announcement of our courage and validation in ourself. 🙂 Thank you ivy iris. This means a lot to me

      1. I completely agree. I think I am drawn to honest and rare emotions. To write is to have experienced. I feel that we are all broken and piece ourselves back together as only we know how to. Kintsugi is the Japanese art form that uses gold to mend the broken. Don’t stop being the gold. Xx

        1. The art of broken pieces 🙂 Indeed Ivy Iris. And those who read what we write, experience and learn what we had and the cycle goes on. Same to you. Be blessed always. Love!

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