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When You Don’t Fit In, Pick a Book!

Books (Charles William Eliot)

Took quite a few years for me to grasp this fact. Not that I am a bitch with a cold heart (although I can be one). I have always been the advocate of loving, smiling and being happy. I have seen that it can turn even the saddest and most difficult of times into a happy memory. Although it is a difficult trait to carry with you because people like to claw at your heart and your vulnerabilities, their minds as cold as ice. But that is what I have learned from my books. Despite the popular belief that books are not the reality, they are JUST books. I am today what my books taught me. Whatever those books were, Goosebumps, Agatha Christie, Chicken Soup, Adult novels, Nicholas Sparks’ ones. Any and all of these taught me at least one valuable life lesson that I have clung on to and has benefitted me in some way or the other.

People! People on the other…they don’t amount to much at the end. Even the closest ones you have taught yourself to rely on. When you cannot pour your heart out openly to anyone, pick up a good book.  Life has always been dark and twisty…some times more so than others. Books are one companion that have always been a constant for me. They do not let me down and I do not disappoint them.

If you ever feel like you don’t fit in, pick up a good book and read your tears away!

Read on.

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3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Fit In, Pick a Book!

      1. Oscar Wilde’s mom used to say that her favorite things were “a good book and a good fire”. We could change it a bit to “a good book and good food” 🙂

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