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Happiness & All Its Enemies

Life Cycle of Happiness

Me: (overly ecstatic) Look at the happiness I created…as my close acquaintance aren’t you glad I made it? Isn’t it precious? How inspiring, no?

Them: <Silence>

Me: Aren’t you surprised at my courage? How much I have grown up, no?

Them: <Silence>

Me: Aren’t you all happy for me?

Them: <Silence>

Me: …since we are so close I thought it would really matter to you seeing me succeed in life. Why the cold silence? Is the white noise of daily life so much that you have forgotten who I was to you once? Am I so far away that you think I won’t notice the absence? Is this just a repetition to you now? I know they created their success too but won’t you look at me and tell me mine is as unique as theirs?

Them: (looks away) Yes, sure it is. What else do you want to hear?

Me: Nothing, I guess I am still that needy teenager trying to to keep you happy. And wanting you to return me the favor and be happy for me, understand me. I don’t want to beg for anything…just…no…no…no…I should not be doing this to myself all over again but that was really hurtful. Just so you know. Anyways lets just forget this….I want to be happy!

Them: What’s wrong with you? Stop it. (Looks away) Of course we are so very happy…Yay!

Me: <Silence>

Them: <Silence>

(After several days)

Them: Hey…we love you.

Me: (in my mind) I love you too…more than you will ever know or realize. So much so it hurts some times.

(Curtain drops)

**Disclaimer: The plot and characters of this blog post are fictional. The comic strip is inspired by an anonymous artist and created by me at StoryBoard That. I hope this dialogue is taken positively and I hope everyone takes away something from it.**


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